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Principal’s Message Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School's About Us.

The Hub of Raising Well-rounded Global Sports Talents
Welcome to the Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School Homepage.

Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School(USSS) started to come true thanks to many people’s need for the best infrastructures for professional education in the sports fields, and a desire to build a new system for fostering sports experts in Ulsan. With grand social and local responsibilities, our faculty members work in modern and state-of-the-art facilities for sport training in our school. Furthermore, all members do their best to teach and train our students with sincere devotion. Our school strives to educate sports experts who can be leaders in the globalization and information era. In order to achieve this goal, our school implemented the first innovative and integrated curriculum, which contains both a sports athletes course and a sports experts course. Furthermore, USSS is expanding its general basis of fundamental sports events.

As mentioned above, USSS has two courses. First, students in the sports athletes course receive systematic training, and all coaches and head coaches help them improve their competitive ability to become excellent national representative players. The other course is the sports experts course. Students enrolled in this course, the only course of its kind in Korea, aim to be experts in sports fields such as marketing, diplomacy, business, leisure, performance analysis and so on. We offer them a core curriculum that focuses on Health, Heart, Head, and Hand domains in order to educate our students as contributory sports specialists.

Our school has a vision to be accomplished by 2020. We will try to achieve 100% employment and university admission rates. Also, we will educate 100 qualified students for national and international universities. In addition, we will accomplish a 50% national academic achievement rate, and win first place in international sports competitions and school evaluation. Lastly, we will continue to make national and international exchange program agreements. In doing so, USSS will be truly the most influential and crucial institution in the nation.

USSS was founded thanks to many persons interested in Ulsan sports fields, Ulsan citizens, and passionate parents. On behalf of our faculty members, I want to thank you for your support. Every member of USSS believes that the only way to return your genuine interest and trust is to provide our students with abundant chances to develop their own potential, and stand by them during good times as well as difficult times with responsible minds.

We welcome any opinions and feedback while managing our school. Through active interactions and negotiations, we hope to make meaningful and consistent progress for our students.