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Course Introduction Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School's Student Athlete Course.

Student-athlete Course

Our student-athletes have set a goal to be the best players in their sports fields. All of them, as elite sportsmen, are passionate about their training. They train in the latest facilities of our school with devoted coaches and teachers. We have 12 sports events in total, including Athletics, Swimming, Taekwondo, etc.

Our student-athletes try to their best in order to attain their own goals, internalizing a lot of techniques as well as sports theories in their sports field. Through scientific analysis and writing in a training log, they can discover their strong points and weaknesses during performance.

By learning detailed and powerful strategies and tactics from coaches and teachers, our student-athletes can develop their capabilities in their fields. Our faculty members provide intense sports training programs with students in order to foster superior players. With strong bonds and belief between students and teachers, USSS student-athletes work to maximize their potential in the sports field.