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Course Introduction Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School's Sports Expert Course.

Introduction of the Sports Experts Course

The sports experts course seeks to foster talented individuals who are qualified with highly professional knowledge of their curricular subject and of sports field. Students enrolled in the sports experts course are required to study the regular curriculum, as well as additional specific subjects related to sports fields. Some example are: sports science, sports management, and sports psychology. By taking the primary curricular courses in our school, the students in the sports experts course will acquire a higher level of sports-related expertise.

However, we don’t want the students to be experts focused solely on a specific sport expertise without true experience. Students enrolled in the sports experts course will also participate in sports activity classes because they have to know the reality of the sports field. Sports experts students take courses in various events such as wrestling, judo, and athletics etc. They will also be eligible to compete in various sports competitions. Although they don’t undergo the same intense training that student-athletes do, sports experts students have occasional opportunities to train alongside student-athletes. In this way, sports experts students can experience the physical and psychological challenges of the student-athletes, and feel the actual circumstances of that sports field. This allows them to develop their sense of unity with student-athletes. It is the second reason we created this additional course, the sports experts course, in our school.