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Sports Programs Ulsan Sports Science Secondary School's USSS Programs.

Special Lecture

USSS provides our students with a special lecture nearly once a month. We invite famous and prestigious experts from various sports fields to our school, and they always deliver valuable and realistic information to our students. Starting in 2014, guest speakers have been professors from top universities, senior national players, journalists, national team coaches, sports association presidents, a head of sports news department, and so on. Since all specialists offer their own experiences about success, failure, making mistakes, overcoming obstacles, and facing challenges in the field, our students have a precious opportunity to learn through indirect experience. Because of the special lecture, students acquire wisdom that will help them overcome many difficulties while engaging in sports.

Cooperation-building Program

Our student-athletes take part in intense trainings to realize their dreams. Their sense of purpose is strong, but they also have to endure tough and hard programs at great length each day. We all know that sports are a really meaningful source of pleasure, and they can be useful for building mutual relationships and sportsmanship. In order to avoid losing this true value of sports, our school conducts a Cooperation-building Program for every student in the morning time. Before the regular classes begin, all students engage in this program with several teachers. These passionate teachers prepare creative and novel sports activities that differ from students’ usual training. Our students do team matches or individual games during the program, and we can see our students’ happy smiles and hear joyful laughter. We are convinced that this program is really helpful for encouraging active participation, cooperation, and relieving stress.

Experience-based Activities

USSS finds many ways to give interesting and meaningful experiences to our students. Because most activities in the school focus on developing professional sports capabilities, many teachers try to provide our students with numerous chances to experience entertaining and exciting activities. By taking part in these activities, our students are able to extend their emotional, social, and behavioral scopes which will function as substantial foundations for their growth. For example, our school opened a Dance Course for the students. All students learned a dance style called “popping” three times a week. At first, they felt a little bit awkward to move their body and use their muscles in a different way from usual training. However, our students gradually enjoyed music and dance movement with their friends. On top of that, we provide field trips for skiing and wind-surfing every year.